Frequently Asked Questions
Do you work for an antivirus company?
Nope. This is an independent project. I use affiliate links to support site the site, but whatever you choose to buy is fine with me! If the site is useful, please use a link before you buy.
Why did you create VirusMash?

People ask me, 'What is the best antivirus?'

Without testing, my opinion was based on who spent the most on airport advertisements and Defcon parties (pre-Covid).

I like to make recommendations based on information. Many antivirus comparison sites give all antivirus a perfect score, but they can't all provide the exact same perfect level of protection can they?

If you're like me, you want antivirus that offers early protection for viruses and malware. So, I came up with a method for evaluating antivirus protection against today's active malware campaigns.

How does VirusMash work?
VirusMash pits virus and antivirus in thunderdome style death match.

Will the virus emerge undefeated or be chainsawed to be pieces by antivirus?

Jokes aside, we test antivirus against recent viruses and record the results. The results are aggregated and reported on this site.
What is an Antivirus Protection Score?
Each score is a percentage of viruses detected by antivirus software over all viruses tested against that software during some number of days. Scores are updated on the site daily at midnight.

Protection Score = ( Viruses Detected / Viruses Detected + Viruses Missed )

Every day we collect active malware, analyze it to see which antivirus detects it as a threat, record the results, and then upload scores to VirusMash.
Why don't you have my antivirus?
There is a lot of antivirus software out there. Tell me what you want to see added.
Why did my antivirus score low?
If every antivirus got a perfect score, the scores would be meaningless.

The test is meant to stress antivirus performance against the early days malware campaigns. We only include select, active malware to produce a useful score.

The fact that antivirus stop so many of these emerging threats is an accomplishment. If we tested antivirus with older viruses the scores would be higher.

Think of getting a low score like getting a single Michelin star.
How do I contact you?

Follow on Twitter for updates and Tweet your feature requests.

VirusMash provides useful antivirus scores.